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Blueprints - Our homes are the reflections of ourselves 

A silent piano, high heels in the walking-in closet, faded dead flowers still releasing a sweet smell, toys fighting each other in the basement, incense, lace, and Saints. 


Like a mirror, our home reflects ourselves. Instead of conventional photographic portraiture, I reveal the personalities of my subjects by creating and photographing shadows of objects found in their homes. Each shadow is collaged together within the architectural floor plan of the subject’s domestic space. Colors and textures play an essential role in helping me portray the person. I invite the viewer to wander from room to room and discover what these plants, instruments, animals, furniture, and shapes imply about a person.


"Blueprints" are, in fact, an unusual form of portraits. While these portraits do not depict my subject’s faces, hands, or likenesses, they are a reflection of each person, a reverse projection, a negative of the original. It is like reading their biography, but from the outside in.

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